5 Reasons Why You Should Play With Your Pet, Everyday

Posted by Adriana Guerra on

1- Avoid Boredom – Boredom is one of the main causes of destructive behavior in pets. Pets get bored and frustrated as humans do! Making sure that you set a time every day to play with your pet will not only keep your pet happy and entertained but will also stimulate its mind, concentration and learning.

2- Mental and Physical fitness– Keeping your pet physically and mentally healthy, along with a balanced diet, is very important for your pet’s overall wellbeing. Taking your pet on long walks is great, but playing with toys outdoors and indoors is also a great way to provide your pet’s with the opportunity of getting physical exercise and mental alertness.

3- Bonding – As for humans, it’s very important for your pet to enjoy playtime with you and your family. Pets need to feel loved; playing daily with them is a great opportunity to strengthening your relationship with your them. Encourage your pet to use its instincts during playtime, just a few minutes a day will make a big difference.

4- Good Behaviour – Playtime is an opportunity to work on your pet’s concentration, obedience, and self-control. Giving your pet the opportunity to play chase with safe toys, for example, could stop him from barking or chewing furniture. Toys that you can fill with treats and great to encourage good behavior too.

5- You wellbeing – You could benefit greatly from playing with your pet too, playtime could be very relaxing and even therapeutic. A few minutes of playing with your pet every day can improve your mood and relieve stress, with the addition of keeping you to physically active! Choose well designed and safe pet toys, and set a time every day to play with your loving fur friend, it will improve your pet’s quality of life and yours too!

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