How Dogs Can Help Those Living With ADHD

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For most of human history, dogs have been selfless and loyal companions. Today, we’re still learning about the numerous benefits they have to offer us, and the list continues to grow. For people with ADHD, dogs are much more than just four-legged friends, they’re caretakers that can enhance their owner’s quality of life. Symptoms of ADHD can produce consequent problems including low self-esteem, relationship issues, and difficulty functioning at school and work. Fortunately, there are several ways that dogs can alleviate these symptoms and enhance the wellbeing of individuals living with ADHD.


  • 1- They Create a Routine
  • We’ve all heard it before; consistency is key. But consistency isn’t always achievable, especially for those with ADHD. Owning a pet is a fun and simple way to establish a daily routine, which in turn makes it easier to manage everyday tasks. Pet owners need to plan ahead to ensure their companion is well fed, exercised, and comfortable. Having responsibility is great for everyone, but it can be necessary to keep those with ADHD on track. It might not be easy to stay focused on your pet’s routine, but their love and appreciation is a powerful reminder of why you do it.


  • 2- They Burn Energy
  • Hyperactivity is extremely common among those with ADHD. What better way to burn this excess energy than with man’s best friend? Science tells us that walking a dog can have several significant health benefits. To reduce feelings of frustration associated with restlessness, ADHD individuals can get active by playing with their pet. In addition to physical benefits, being active with your pet will also produce mental benefits. Chances are, your dog will tire you out much faster than you can tire them out.


  • 3- They Provide Companionship  
  • On a good or bad day, dogs are always happy to see us. Someone coping with ADHD may feel isolated and alone, even if they’re surrounded by friends and family. Although often unintentional, people may treat those with ADHD differently and fail to understand their unique situation. Fortunately, dogs are totally non-judgemental and love to listen. For someone feeling alone, a dog is a great source of support, entertainment, and unconditional love.


  • 4- They Encourage Social Activity
  • For those who feel socially isolated, approaching strangers for conversation is an

    incredibly daunting task, but as we all know, dogs are a great conversation starter. What better way to break the ice than to talk about your adorable four-legged friend? If an individual with ADHD is given opportunities to socialize, it may alleviate some of the stress associated with social anxiety. Dogs can also teach us how to trust by providing unconditional love and support.



    Those with ADHD can experience a variety of symptoms, from low self-esteem to difficulty relating to others. One effective way to cope with these symptoms is to adopt a dog; this will help to establish healthy habits, burn excess energy, provide companionship, and foster social activity.  

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